Film Rec: Bisexuality/Polyamory

Hey, all:

I’m working on the post for episode 1 of season 1 of Hannibal at the moment (God help me with this show, I swear to GOD. Bryan Fuller ripped out my soul and put it in a television series, that’s all there is to it) and I’m simultaneously watching one of my favorite LGBT+ foreign language films: Angels of Sex. It’s Spanish language, and features a bisexual man who falls in love with a straight couple…and they fall in love with him.

It’s bisexuality, polyamory, it’s gorgeous, and I love it…I think you all will too. AND AND AND? It’s available on Netflix! GO WATCH IT, SERIOUSLY.

I’m going to do an entire post based on this film because it’s a jewel, and is the heart of something I believe very much: that we all should have the freedom to love as we wish and arrange our relationships as we see fit.

But I just had to rec it now, and LOOK at them:


YES. Ahhhhhh ā¤ ā¤ ā¤

So, I’ve got another one like this that I’ll rec tomorrow- it’s a German language film that I’ve watched a million times. I’ll be doing a post on that one too, but I literally cannot wait to tell you all about them because they’re SO GOOD.






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Student of Gender and Sexuality Studies with a focus on Queer Studies, collector and purveyor of all things LGBT+, and passionate lover of the Arts.
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