Am I Still Going to be Doing Gay Subtext Analysis Work? Yes.

Hey all-

Been getting some emails about this. Yes, I’m still going to be doing analysis work in gay subtext- I’m working on Hannibal at the moment. I’ll be doing film (Let The Right One In will be first) and several shows after Hannibal. I just won’t be continuing the X-Men series.

Analysis is an integral part of my work and education. I’m doing my end of term paper on this so..not stopping. Ever.

I’m just trying to get this site up and running first before I unleash it onto social media, lol. And then I’ll start in with Hannibal. The series won’t be quite as large and in depth as the X-Men series simply because I don’t have the time, but I’ll be doing major subtext/symbolism metas for each episode.

Keep the Faith,



About hln351

Student of Gender and Sexuality Studies with a focus on Queer Studies, collector and purveyor of all things LGBT+, and passionate lover of the Arts.
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