Marvel, Queerbaiting and Fanfiction as “Subversive” Writing

Well written and informative post on queerbaiting in Marvel and the importance of fanfiction.

mind the ga(s)p

This post is made of bits and pieces from my dissertation. It’s taken from Fanfiction as a “Subversive Form of Appropriation”, Captain America, Sherlock, Serial Queerbaiting and the Fault in the Publishing Industry and Fanfiction as a Political Statement. The other two topics were: Women Writing about “Guys Bonking Each Other” and Fanfiction as a Form of Sex Education and as a Learning Experience and Positive Representation, The Role of Fanfiction in Self-Discovery and Fandoms As ‘Safe Spaces’.

He’d seen Bucky sleep more times than he had anyone else in his life–the light sleep of his youth, the snoring liquor-induced sleep of his indulged vices, the troubled restlessness that arose after Steve had found him strapped to Zola’s table. He looks more familiar in his sleep than he has any other time–breathing lightly through his mouth, eyes flickering from side to side under his eyelids. Steve’s hand starts to move of its own…

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